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BBB2The only US made E85 Ethanol upgrade system on the market. We developed it and handle all the updates. Don’t be confused by cheap knock-offs. Call us now! 866-568-3617.

Declare your independence today! Contact us or one of our Dealers today.

Contact Fuel Flex International, LLC today about investment and dealer opportunities. Strike back at imported oil ! Join our teams and help us “Convert the World to Ethanol“. ..more112309Alex

Gas prices are fluctuating like a yoyo, making it impossible to know what to budget for, and is it driving you crazy? We have the answer, show your independence from fossil fuel in 2015.
What to do? We’ve drilled, baby, we’ve drilled, and now we are Fracking this and Fracking that. We’re now drilling more in this country than we have in nearly a decade.
We’ve given tax breaks and other wasteful incentives to oil companies to try and ease our pain at the pump. We now give about $4 billion in tax breaks to the oil and gas industry each and every year. Once again we are seeing the price of fossil fuel giving people a false sense of security. Do you really think it will last?

We’ve listened to naysayers tell us
that pursuing clean energy alternatives to oil and gas is a waste of our time and money. Now, the United States is lagging much of the rest of the world on clean energy.

pumpAnd what have we gotten in return?
Gas prices that are hitting new highs, an economy held hostage to global instability and an oil industry monopoly on our transportation system.
There’s nothing we can do to control the price of gas in America, because oil prices are set on a global marketplace. As we’ve seen, more drilling certainly isn’t the answer, because that’s done nothing to reduce prices at the pump. The only thing more drilling has done is increase profits for oil companies – to the tune of $137 billion last year alone, a 75 percent rise since the year before. Who else got a 75 percent raise in the middle of a recession? source: NRDC

The FFI Platinum Series P4 is now available for all 4.3L V6 & V8 GM vehicles with CPI injection. Order yours today  FREE Flex Emblem included!

Available for the GM inline 5 cylinder engines new, easier 15 minute installation.

At Fuel Flex International, LLC, we know you will see many products on the  Internet making claims. There are several great products made right here in the USA and they are all good options. Flex Fuel US and Intelligent Ethanol Systems have also proven themselves to be key players in the ethanol upgrade market.

Fuel Flex International, LLC’s dealer network includes most states in the continental U.S. We are also available in 44 countries around the world.

Even if you don’t buy from FFI, at least make sure you support U.S. jobs and buy American.

Beware of the people making claims that they not only invented the industry but are offering products at a very cheap price. We have completed much research and found that several of them are not made in the U.S. even though they will tell you they are made here, they are not , and in fact are illegal copies.  Buyer beware! Check their financials on eBay and on PayPal before you purchase or you might not be happy with the results.

We support the ethanol movement and the need for all alternative fuels for America’s fuel independence.

FFI is BBB accredited and proud members of RFA, ACE, SEMA and suppliers of ethanol fuel for consumer use and racing.

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