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2008 Major News Announcement

November 24th Fuel Flex International, LLC's CEO, Alex Conger announces the first E85 Bi-Fuel Management system in Europe to be CE certified from TUV.

Fuel Flex International, LLC in conjunction with our Exclusive partner in Germany ,Flex Energy, announce the first ever product to carry the prestigious CE and TUV approval. After 5 months of testing by Flex Energy this project was completed in Germany and is valid for all of the EU.

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October 3rd to October 10th - Fuel Flex International, LLC's CEO Alex Conger will be in Paris France attending the world car show.

Paris Auto Show, the most reputed automobile show in the western world, is the hub of car enthusiasts from all over the world. Paris Motor Show 2008 will be held from 4 October to 19 October 2008. Expecting 1,400,000 visitors, 500 brands from 30 countries and 11,000 journalists from 100 countries, the Paris Motor Show remains the automotive show boasting the highest attendance worldwide, with the greatest media coverage.

Paris Car Show 2008 is a not-to-miss event for car manufacturers and the entire automobile industry. Apart from the shows and concept cars on the stands, also see the major works of the French museums and private collections. Some other highlights of Paris Motor Show 2008 are a 4WD initiation track, a karting track and accompanied driving track for young drivers. A 360 degree virtual driver tournament is also held held.

It is our pleasure to be hosted by our Premium dealer, Flex Fuel Company of France. See you there. Hall 3 / Booth 428 ...Alex


July 21st through 26th, 2008 -Fuel Flex International, LLC's CEO Alex Conger and CFO Gary Ackaret Visit The Philippine Islands.

Alex and Gary had the privilege to meet with many officials as they brought to close a business arrangement that will ultimately help the country meet their goals to convert to ethanol and bring online their first 100 E85 pumps.

The FFI team met with the US Commercial Attache for the Philippines, Thomas Brennan,  Senator Miguel Zubiri one of the top advocates for bio fuels and heads of Sea Oil, one of the largest independent oil companies in the Philippines to discuss combined business plans.





A full day training seminar for 26 technicians and marketing specialists was held. This was followed up by hands on installation tests in which nine vehicles, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Ford were upgraded with the FFI Platinum Systems and promptly filled with combinations of gas and ethanol for road tests.

The following day we were hosted at the Department of Energy.  A formal presentation was delivered by Gary Ackaret.  People from all areas of the energy department to the local automotive groups were in attendance.


Hyundai Ford Toyota On lookers
Chevy Runs on renewable energy Alex & Gary Converting Senator Miguel Zubiri's  Toyota
Senator Miguel Zubiri's  Toyota Gary with energy director Gary setting up for training Historic Church in Manila

Alex explaining the ease of installation of the FFI Platinum to the Energy Director

Alex & Gary with executives of Sea Oil and newly upgraded Ford Expedition. Test Drive Understanding Polarity


In conclusion the members of FFI, in conjunction with SEA Oil Company and the Philippine Government have signed a contract to start immediately converting vehicles in the Philippines. FFI will continue to work with the major automobile dealers to prove compatibility and collect data on long term affects of the use of higher contents of ethanol in the ASIAN market.

This also meets the Governments long range goals to go green and reduce the dependency on imported oil which has a huge impact on their GNP.


SEAOIL Philippines, Inc.
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May 12th through 18th, 2008 - -Fuel Flex International, LLC's CEO Alex Conger and CFO Gary Ackaret Visit The Thailand. Domestic operations was handled by company President Curtis Lacy.

Alex and Gary had the privilege to meet with many officials as they brought to close a business arrangement that will ultimately help the country meet their goals to convert to ethanol and reduce oil imports as much as 80%.

Alex and Gary met with the officials of the two largest oil companies, Deputy Prime Minister Suvit, and leaders in the Bio Fuel industry. They explained a plan that would help the country get started on the road to independence from foreign oil.

They also made a trip to KMIT one of the leading engineering colleges in Thailand where the FFI Platinum products were installed on Honda and Toyota products. Their products were tested on E10, E20 and E85. Test results were outstandingly positive. Additional tests are also underway for material compatibility of vehicle fueling systems and to check gains in performance and mileage.

Enjoy the following photo gallery of their visit.

Soon after our visit, Thailand adopted a policy to make E85 accepted and traded openly on their market. FFI is helping Thailand convert thousands of vehicles to use a combination of gas and ethanol that would normally not have that option. This will allow E85 to be part of their standard fuel infrastructure very quickly and ultimately make a big change in environmental conditions.

FFI was very honored to be part of this ongoing project. We will increase our support and training efforts in Thailand in 2008 and 2009 to help make the transition as seamless as possible. Thanks again to their hosts from Petrogreen